Digital Thermometer Infrared Baby Non-contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer With LCD Back light

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  • NON CONTACT DIGITAL THERMOMETER - Instantly detect fevers. Forget slow digital forehead thermometers, our Infrared Non Contact Thermometer offers ultra fast one-second readings, an extra large display with backlight and lightweight ergonomic design, perfect for monitoring skin surface, room or liquid temperatures!
  • TRIPLE COLORED BACKLIT DISPLAY - Our professional No-Touch Thermometer is perfect for non-invasive monitoring and indicating safe temperature ranges, with an ultra high contrast, extra large backlit display, gently illuminated for maximum readability, without emitting excess light or disturbing kids sleep!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - Forget heavy and bulky non contact thermometers, our Thermometer weighs 0.191 lbs, together with a super ergonomic design and large, soft-touch buttons, designed for hundreds of comfortable everyday readings and regular use!
  • INSTANT-READ TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT - Tired of waiting for accurate temperature readings. Our No Touch Thermometer is perfect for regular use, offering ultra accurate, super-fast temperature readings within one second of measurement, for the most accurate temperature scanner on the market!